Crisis in Aisle 3

Student film

This is my student film from 2006 while attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. This was my first effort to create an animated film entirely on my own with the exception of the audio track. Looking back, I still love the character and the concept I had even though the animation is a bit of an eye-sore looking back. It was a great learning experience and I’m not sure I’ve ever learned more in one year than I did then.

Colourized Storyboards

Here are some storyboard panels I whipped up during the conceptualization of this project. Although the story changed by the end to reduce its duration it still bears a striking resemblance to the final product. I never did get to see all those cans flying all over the place but I sure would have loved to try it. Perhaps on a rainy day!

Stills from my 2006 student film

These are a few selected frames from my animation short that I did at Sheridan College in 2006 called “Crisis in Aisle 3.” The visual elements of the animated short were completed entirely by me. It’s about a lively unpriced soup can that tries to evade the watchful gaze of a persistent grocery store clerk with a price gun. It’s a bit of a tribute to my former 9.5 years in the grocery business.